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China Geology专刊征稿——“天然气水合物/页岩气研究与勘探进展”
Special issue: Research and Exploration Progress of Natural Gas Hydrate/Shale Gas

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天然气水合物/页岩气相关研究与勘探进展是当今地球科学研究的热点课题。为此,China Geology特别组建专刊:Special issue on research and exploration progress of natural gas hydrate/shale gas (天然气水合物/页岩气研究与勘探进展)




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Special issue: Research and Exploration Progress of Natural Gas Hydrate/Shale Gas

Natural gas hydrate and shale gas, as important unconventional oil and gas resources, have huge economic potential and play an important role in the global carbon cycle. Natural gas hydrate, commonly known as “combustible ice”, is a kind of high-efficiency clean energy with huge reserves. So far, more than 200 natural gas hydrate deposits have been discovered in the world, of which more than 90% are located on the seafloor. The formation and enrichment of shale gas has its own unique characteristics, which is usually distributed in the thick and widely distributed shale source rock strata in the basin. Compared with conventional natural gas, shale gas development has the advantages of longer production life and longer production cycle. Most of the gas-producing shale have wide distribution range, large thickness, and generally contains gas, which enables shale gas Wells to produce gas at a stable rate for a long time.

Natural gas hydrate/shale gas related research and exploration progress is a hot topic in geoscience research today. So, China Geology will organize a special issue: Research and exploration progress of natural gas hydrate/shale gas.

Including but not limited to: the latest exploration and development progress of natural gas hydrate/shale gas in China and other countries (regions), especially the relevant research of hydrate in the South China Sea, hydrate in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, shale gas in Sichuan and shale gas in Hubei etc.

Article type: Original Articles, Review Articles, Research Advances, News and Highlights.

Guest Editors: Pro. Xu-wen Qin, Pro. Neng-you Wu, Pro. Gang-yi Zhai

Deadline: Submission of full papers by 30 October 2021

Publication date: 2022, Volume 5, Issue 1 (25 March, 2022)

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