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      A sensitivity analysis of factors affecting in geologic CO2 storage in the Ordos Basin and its contribution to carbon neutrality
      The first power generation test of hot dry rock resources exploration and production demonstration project in the Gonghe Basin, Qinghai Province, China
      Assessment of natural gas hydrate reservoirs at Site GMGS3-W19 in the Shenhu area, South China Sea based on various well logs
      Petrophysical properties assessment using wireline logs data at well#3 of Srikail gas field, Bangladesh
      Distribution and impacts on the geological environment of antiviral drugs in major waters of Wuhan, China
      The distribution and ecological risks of antibiotics in surface water in key cities along the lower reaches of the Yellow River: A case study of Kaifeng City, China
      Microplastic contamination in lacustrine sediments in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: Current status and transfer mechanisms
      Characteristics and sources of microplastic pollution in the water and sediments of the Jinjiang River Basin, Fujian Province, China
      Climate characteristics of the eastern Mongolian Plateau, China during the early Early Cretaceous (145‒132 Ma): Palynological evidence from the Tongbomiao Formation in Well Hong-6, Hailar Basin
      A-type granites induced by a breaking-off and delamination of the subducted Junggar oceanic plate, West Junggar, Northwest China
      Change trend of natural gas hydrates in permafrost on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (1960‒2050) under the background of global warming and their impacts on carbon emissions
      Geology and mineralization of the supergiant Shimensi granitic-type W-Cu-Mo deposit (1.168 Mt) in northern Jiangxi, South China: A Review
      A new pattern of the tectonic units and metallogenic belts in Africa continent in terms of lithosphere
      Discovery of a medium-scale tectonic altered rock type gold deposit (13.5 t) on the northeastern margin of Jiaolai Basin, Shandong Province, China and its new application of exploration direction
      Industrial production of unconventional gas in coal-measure of Well HJD1 in Jixi Basin, Eastern Heilongjiang Province, China
      An carbon neutrality industrial chain of “desert-photovoltaic power generation-ecological agriculture”: Practice from the Ulan Buh Desert, Dengkou, Inner Mongolia
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