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      Classification and mineralization of global lithium deposits and lithium extraction technologies for exogenetic lithium deposits
      Health risk assessment of heavy metals in soils and crops in a mining area (Au-Ag-Cu-trona-oil et al.) of the Nanyang Basin, Henan Province, China
      Heavy metal pollution assessment in marine sediments in the Northwest coast of Sabah, Malaysia
      Biophysical warming patterns of an open-top chamber and its short-term influence on a Phragmites wetland ecosystem in China
      A three-dimensional Moho depth model beneath the Yemeni highlands and rifted volcanic margins of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, Southwest Arabia
      Melt extraction and mineralization: A case study from the Shuangjianzishan supergiant Ag-Pb-Zn deposit (208 Mt), Inner Mongolia, NE China
      Tectonic evolution and accumulation characteristics of Carboniferous shale gas in Yadu-Ziyun-Luodian aulacogen, Guizhou Province, South China
      The accumulation characteristics and exploration potential of oil and gas in the back-arc basin of Japan under the background of high heat flow
      Application of the monitoring and early warning system for internal solitary waves: Take the second natural gas hydrates production test in the South China Sea as an example
      The morphology and histology of a juvenile Sinokannemeyeria from the Middle Triassic Ermaying Formation of Shanxi, North China
      Sources, distribution, behavior, and detection techniques of microplastics in soil: A review
      Geology and mineralization of the Bayan Obo supergiant carbonatite-type REE-Nb-Fe deposit in Inner Mongolia, China: A review
      Zircon U-Pb age of the volcanic rock from the Huoshiling Formation in the Yingtai Fault Depression, Songliao Basin, China
      Discovery of bauxite-type helium source rock in Jinzhong basin, central North China and its resource potential evaluation
      Identification of clayey altered ophiolite in the Nujiang tectonic belt and new understanding of its impacts on engineering stability
      Carbon emission reduction: Contribution of karst carbon sinks and practice in China
      Reply: Comment on “Geological mapping and mining prospecting in the Aouli inlier (Eastern Meseta, Morocco) based on remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS)” by Benaissi et al. (China Geology, 5 (2022))
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